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Made from unglazed black and white porcelain, the pieces in the komorebi collection feature simple organic lines and tactile satin surfaces. Designed to make a statement as well as be wearable, durable and comfortable.


All the ceramic beads, buttons and components used in Aurora’s jewellery are made by her in her Cambridgeshire studio. Each ceramic bead is an original unique creation completely hand worked. 


Porcelain is the best type of clay to use for jewellery because of its refined quality. It is smooth, pure and becomes very hard after being fired at 1260 degrees.


Porcelain Double Leaf Earrings – Komorebi Collection


Sterling silver and porcelain earrings.

White on black double leaf drops from the Komorebi collection


The stylised leaves are handracfted from black and white porcelain

The porcelain is left unglazed to maintain a tactile satin matte surface and combined with a clean and simple metalwork

Leaf size 40mm x 15mm approx

Overall length: 55mm

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