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"Rockpool" hand-crafted round cufflinks in fine porcelain.


The ceramic stones in this pair of cufflinks have a petrol blue center over a blue background, obtained by combination glazing and 22K gold lustre highlights.


Size of porcelain cabochon: 1.8 cm approximately. 3mm thick
Silver-plated backs.


Presented in one of our branded presentation boxes, making them a perfect gift or treat for yourself.


Each set of porcelain cufflinks is made by hand, therefore is slightly unique in design, form and size.


Other colours and patterns available.

Pale blue & Petrol Porcelain Cufflinks


This pair of cufflinks is part of a distinctive range of ceramic jewellery. 

The pieces begin as bits of wet white porcelain clay which are carefully shaped by hand and high fired once and then glazed with various combinations of reactive glazes and fired a second time. The colour tones that results can be somewhat unpredictable and different for each firing, adding to the contributing to unicity and beauty of each pair.

 Finally, the porcelain beads are then hand painted with 22K gold lustre  and fired once more. 

This is the last firing process before the beads are finally assembled into a piece of jewellery.

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