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An arrowhead shaped dichroic glass pendant necklace in an abstract geometric design shimmering with shades of darl cherry red, gold, and copper colours. Satin finish.


Created from multiple layers of dichroic glass in various colours and fused in a kiln to form a unique and eye-catching pendant. 

Mounted on a silverplated bail and supplied on a 18″ sterling silver box chain.


The pendant measures 32mm wide by 40mm long approx., including the silver-plated bail.


You will receive the exact pendant shown in the pictures. It will be sent in a pretty presentation box with enclosed a note about the work.

Fiery Sunset – Sterling silver & dichroic glass pendant necklace

SKU: DG011

Each dichroic glass jewel is an original unique creation completely hand worked. In a time intensive process, the glass is cut to shape, the pieces are combined in several layers and then fired a number of times in a high temperature kiln to produce some stunning colour combinations and shimmering effects.

Once fused the glass is ground to shape and fired once more to achieve the final polished finish.


Due to differences in monitors’ display and colour capabilities slight variations in colour between the product images you see and the actual item may occur.

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